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Learn General Keyboard Shortcuts

Now a days, time has become very short. Everyone busy working and also want to finish work in lesser time. While working on computer, you have to use both mouse, and keyboard for working. This consumes many time when working on keyboard, suddenly you have to hold mouse and do work. In this article i will tell you about some general keyboard shortcuts, so that you won’t need to hold mouse for performing some easy functions. Use them directly from your keyboard and you can also download ocean of games


  1. Ctrl+A:It will Select All the files in a folder or all the text in file.
  2. Ctrl+Cor Ctrl+Insert: Can copy text, or files.
  3. Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert: Can paste the files or text you copied.
  4. Ctrl+Z: Can undo any mistake you done.
  5. Ctrl+Y: Can redo something that you remove something.
  6. Del or Shift+Del:If you wish to delete some file/files, you can press delete file, this will move the file to recycle bin, you can restore it later. But if you want to remove it permanently, then just press Shift+Del and you can check game siteocean of games
  7. Ctrl+F:Can open find program anywhere, i.e Browsers or My Computer to find something.
  8. Alt+Tab or Alt+Esc:Can toggle between the tabs or folders or files you have opened. . In addition to it, If you add Shift key with this combination, this will work in backward way. Lets say If Alt+Tab toggles the next tab, then Alt+Shift+Tab will toggles the previous tab.
  9. Ctrl+Tab:Can toggle between the tabs open within a file, or a browser. In addition to it, If you add Shift key with this combination, this will work in backward way. Lets say If Ctrl+Tab toggles the next tab, then Ctrl+Shift+Tab will toggles the previous tab.
  10. Ctrl+Alt+Del: This will open Task Manager Program.
  11. Space+Backspace: This will delete the whole word you last written instead of deleted letters by letters.
  12. Ctrl+S:it will save anything you were writing or doing some editing. Its a quick saving method.
  13. Ctrl+Home:This will move the cursor to beginning.
  14. Ctrl+End:This will move the Cursor to the End.
  15. Ctrl+P:This will show you the print preview of the page.
  16. Prt screen:This will take the snapshot of the windows you opened. You can save this snapshot in image file using Paint. Just press Ctrl+C, and save it.

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