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5 Top Trending Games Series Online

Cool Math Games Online

In the latest trending, I am placing this game series on the top due to its effectiveness for kids. Cool Math games wich you can play here are known as math games. But they are not all based on math. These games are filled with logic and also safe for kids due to non-voilance in them. Kids of all ages can play these games to learn math, science and different other new things could be learned by playing these games.


Parking Games

These games are not only for kids even elders can play these games. In these games, your duty is to park a car or a vehicle in the right area which is marked on the screen. You can use your keyboard to park the vehicle correctly.

Dress-Up Games

These games are for little kids. By playing these games they can dress – up their favourite personality which is mostly cartoon characters. Try different dresses on a cartoon character and enjoy the fun at home.

2048 Game

2048 games are single page games in which the player need to get the 2048 tile in order to win the game. This game can be played on mobile phone or Tablet. However, you can join the fun from laptop or Computer as well. Very simple game but very hard to get the gold tile. But after a little practice, you can master the game but I will not guarantee that you will be able to get 2048.

Driving Games

Driving games are also for little kids who are underage but want to drive different cars. They dream different cars and drive them. So, by playing driving games they can satisfy themselves and can fulfil their desire of driving. Even many elders play these games as well.

The main thing is that all these games are only for educational purposes. Kids should not waste their time playing stupid games. They should play the games loaded with knowledge and logic. Many games are for practice by playing which you can practice computer components like Mouse and Keyboards. Best of luck for learning games. Have Fun!

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