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Still wondering where and how to get the best quality hot tubs and spa cover for the best price? We are here to show you that our work will help your hot tub and spa stay like it was never touched. Our covers also guarantee full coverage, top to bottom, of your tub by keeping all unwanted elements out of your hot tub. Our tubs are made from the best material and can take most weights while maintaining their structures. The foam core in our covers provides insulation and strength.

Our spa and hot tub covers are available with 8 locking buckles and also in 12 different colors to increase your options. We also give the option of custom made covers which will be sufficient to your needs as you can select the type of size, shape, color, and material of your custom made cover will surely not disappoint you. The special double and even triple stitching of your cover will ensure that your cover will remain in use always.

All of our hot tub covers come with a 5 year guarantee and also we have a 30-day return policy to offer if you do not like your cover.

We also have soft and hard covers to offer as soft covers are for indoor use and helps with insulation and are easy to put on and take off. But won’t provide the kind of protection a hard cover will ensure you. On the other hand, our hard spa covers, as the word suggests, are harder and stronger as compared to the soft spa covers as they are for outdoor use mainly. Our spa covers start from as low as $145.00 to fulfill your needs and to cover your hot tub to keep it new forever.

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