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Are Dissertation Writing Services Really Illegal?

There is no federal law against the dissertation writing services. The only thing that is important, how a writer uses that information? Most of the online dissertation services put a disclaimer in the end that they are not responsible for the work that is passed to the customer. which mostly uses the services of the UK dissertation writers, claims that their writing services are legal and not encouraging students to cheat.

This industry is growing day by day. The online dissertation services are getting orders from every type of students. For example from lazy students, who don’t want to do any kind of research for their assignments and even smart students are using these services because they don’t have enough time to finish their task . The students from some prestigious institutions like Harvard Oxford are using these services as well.

Write My Dissertation For Me -Why Students Are Using Online Services?

According to BBC, Online dissertation services are expanding due to increasing demand from overseas students in the UK universities.According to a report, overseas students are a major source of earning for the Universities. There are about 330,000 overseas students enrolled in these universities who bring almost 10bn pounds each year.

The Essay writing services have admitted that their business is expanding. According to, most of the universities are giving admission to those students who have inadequate English language skills. Or some of the times the assignment requirements are so complex that they are not able to understand the real question. The students have to use custom writing services.


In some of the institution charges against plagiarism is very serious. The students use the services of the dissertation writers to avoid plagiarism. Most of the websites do not provide 100% unique content. Sometimes students found themselves in serious trouble because of copying their assignments. Most of the universities and colleges have strict policy angst copied work. The professors and teachers work together to find a new method of its disclosure. If any students found guilty, it may result in his/her exit from the college or university. Some of the UK dissertation writers recommend that students should always use trustful writing services. The students should check the plagiarism before submitting their work to the teachers.

How to Use Dissertation Work Legally:

You can use the writing services in the form of Journal, newspaper article or as a past paper. Other than using the online dissertation services, students should do some research to create their own original work? Some students use the writing services dishonestly. They pass that work as their own and sometimes find themselves in trouble because of cheating. The teachers and professors are aware of the cheats and can recognize the superior quality of the work. It is advised to the students to also create their own work and use online services as a guideline. Other than submitting the assignments students have to face the examinations as well, where custom writing will not help them.

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