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Charlotte Solid Natural Scalloped Valance 16×72


If you live in a home with a country style decoration, it is very important to make sure that you use country curtains on your windows. This will make your curtains stand out, and your hard work noticed when you are done. A lot of people love country style decorations and would love to incorporate in their home.


Country style curtains


When it comes to selecting the best country curtains that you can decorate in your home, checking the valances is very important. One thing that you will notice right away is that most curtains with a country style decoration are colors that are of mauve country pink, as well as country blue.


Even though these colors have been used among country curtains, you will also notice that plaids will also work really well, including rusty brown, and hunter green. It is also possible to mix and match the colors nicely, creating that appealing look.


Charlotte Solid Natural Scalloped Valance


One good example of country curtains is Charlotte Solid Natural Scalloped Valance like here. It comes in a size of 16×72, which means that it can be perfect for your valances. This scalloped valance works really with the Charlotte bedding, and is made of luxurious cotton/linen and greige blend, also referred to as ‘Belgium weight”, which means that it is made out of equal parts of linen and cotton.


These valances also feature a scalloped border which is lined and comes with a 2-inch wide header. It is made of a single fabric and is machine stitched. It is also lined with white cotton and a scalloped edge with a binding of .5 inch. The sides are also .75 inch hem folded.


What make this perfect for your country curtains is that you can easily mix and match it with other fabrics inside your home, such as the ones you use for your tabletop, beddings, sheets, and others. This will allow you to have complete control over your decors at home, and the output that you are trying to achieve.


Country curtains at Its Best


Coming up with a country style decoration for your home is not difficult if your home has already been built that way? Unfortunately, the story might be different if you are living in a home in the middle of a busy city, where coming up with an actual country style home might end up challenging for you.


Thankfully, valances such as Charlotte Solid Natural Scalloped Valance can give you that country style curtains feel for your home. In this way, you can achieve that same feel of home, even in an apartment space, or a condominium unit. This is a perfect option for those who would love to relive the feel of a country style home.

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