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Features to Look for in Dedicated Servers


With just a glance, most dedicated servers have many similarities. However, there are some differences. You’ll need a dedicated server having significant storage space for storing files. The preferred storage space is 1 TB and more.  You have the option to use solid state drive or traditional hard drive for your website storage medium.

However, flash drives are usually more reliable and faster than HDDs. They also have smaller storage space and cost more than HDDs. Traditional hard drives have large storage capacities and have low prices. The disadvantage about traditional drives is that they are not resilient when compared with SSD VPS. The traditional hard disk always works well on many tasks unless you would need very fast storage.

Apart from large storage space, you will need an ample RAM of 5GB or more, e-commerce options to help you sell products, unlimited monthly data transfers and customer service operating 24/7. Most web hosts limit the dedicated monthly data transfer that they offer to 16GB which is fine for most users while others offer unlimited monthly data transfers.

]Those who offer unlimited data transfer are very few, and most of the time they have terms that describe what they mean by unlimited. You have to read their terms carefully and understand what they mean by “unlimited.” In addition to those features, dedicated web hosting companies offer security options, daily backups and malware detection and removal. All these factors are paramount in the regular basis. Without them, you can run into serious problems that you won’t want.

You will also want a secure transmission. You have to select companies that offer Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) if you intend to sell products. The reason why you need an SSL connection is that it encrypts the data transmitted from your site to your customer’s web browser.

Therefore, SSL ensures that the purchasing information is secured at all times. Perhaps you have seen the green padlock that appears in your browser while you are logged in your online bank account or when you are making online purchases. That padlock symbolizes trust. Some web hosting companies add a free SSL certificate when you subscribe to a hosting plan while others charge about $100. If you wish to save cash, then you have to look for services that offer plans with cheapest SSL plans.

You have to consider the length of time you will be suing dedicated servers. If you use it for a short period like for less than two months, you could get a refund upon cancellation of subscription within 60 days from the time of subscription. Some companies guarantee to refund your money within 30 days while others guarantee it for 90 days.

Once again, you need to do your homework if you want a perfect web hosting service. The moment you feel that you have done enough and collected enough information, you can create your website. You need to take step by step on your first dedicated server until you become proficient at server administration.

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