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A Guide to the Best Český Krumlov Attractions


Český Krumlov has been called the little Prague of the Czech Republic and is renowned for Vltava River, and the impressive Renaissance-inspired buildings with ornate details depicting that of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and numerous tourist attractions. The banks of the Vltava River play host to several pubs, cafes, and restaurants that will depict Czech culinary expertise.


Along with Prague Castel District, Český Krumlov has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers ample tourist attractions, budget friendly hotels, and unique experiences throughout the city. Český Krumlov city has a small town feel but larger than life castles, Renaissance style theatres, ancient monasteries and Vltava River bank charm.


There are many Český Krumlov attractions to see, and if you visit during the warmer months of summer, you will be enveloped in street performances, tour guides and all the city living you desire. If you want to have a calmer truer Český Krumlov experience, visiting during the colder winter months, you will be entranced with the Advent and Christmas holiday season and all the old world charm you can handle.

The Best Český Krumlov Attraction

Český Krumlov State Castle

Český Krumlov State Castle is the most historical and cultural site in the entire European Region.  The castle was originally architected in a Gothic style then transformed from Renaissance style to a more ornate style during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The Český Krumlov State Castle has expansive lush gardens, forty medieval buildings and is one of the best Český Krumlov attractions throughout the entire city.

Two Roads to One Old Town Centre

There are only two roads, one outside the city, and the road that leads the way to the Český Krumlov State Castle which lead to the Old Town Center. The entire square is cobblestones, and the Plague Column Český Krumlov attraction takes up the entire center of the square. The elaborate Plague Column depicts the Virgin Mary and eight patron saints of Český Krumlov.


The Town Hall within the square holds great historic charm and beauty and its walls play host to numerous coats of arms for ruling families of days gone by. The decorative styling of the Town Hall pays homage to culture and traditions like no other in the world.

Minorite Monastery

Another great Český Krumlov attraction is the oldest building in the city and shares the site with the Church of Corpus Christi and Saint Mary in Pain. The entire complex holds numerous ruling families coats of arms in alters and on walls and holds many baroque church art pieces such as paintings, sculptures and wood carvings.

These are a mere few Český Krumlov attractions to see while visiting one of the most historical and cultural cities in the world. There are many other tourist attractions to witness, but these are likely to be the most popular Český Krumlov attraction sites.

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