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Amazing Things to Do In Turkey

For those looking for diverse cultures, attraction sites, and the locals, Turkey makes an excellent location. While in this European country, you must embrace fine dining, beautiful beaches, numerous outdoor activities and entertainment. For the best scenic routes, head to Cappadocia where there are tourist attractions. For the delicacies, ensure you sample appetizers locally known as mezes, fresh fish, and raki in a traditional meyhanes. Whether you are looking for a religious site, a landmark, exotic cuisine and thrilling nightlife, Turkey will offer this.

Best Things to Do In Istanbul

One of the most things to do in Turkey is visiting the famous Topkapi Palace. Exploring the stunning palace lets you walk where the Sultan would relax, pray, eat and live while doing other things. Explore its 4 courts, admire the 1728 fountain built by Sultan Ahmet and hear interesting stories of what used to happen there. For an amazing experience in Istanbul, while interacting with the locals, it’s best you head to the world renowned Grand Bazaar that has been around for centuries. It’s great for souvenirs and gifts from Turkey as there are numerous shopping options. While in the bazaar which is located in the old part of Istanbul, ensure that you bargain for what you wish to buy and sample Turkish tea.

Things to Engage In While In Ankara

Ankara is famous and is one of the best places the whole family can have fun. Even while in Ankara city, you can enjoy fresh air and see wildlife at the Ataturk Forest Farm and Zoo. This attraction site is home to greenhouses, small farms, a brewery and restaurants so you do not have to worry about going hungry. Another one of the Turkey attractions that is a must see is Ankara’s largest mosque. The Kocatepe Mosque dates back to the late 20th century and has a capacity of 24,000 worshippers at one given time. It’s gigantic and beautiful thus it is a must see. You should also visit the Ankara Castle where you can get unique and amazing souvenirs.

The Wonderful Coastal City Of Bodrum

For historical and cultural tours as well as water activities, visiting Bodrum in the Aegean region is one of the things to do in Turkey. The coastal city holds an important part in history as so much has happened here. One important landmark that is a must see is the Mausoleum of Mausolus which is in the Halicarnassus of Caria. This is an ancient city full of rich history. There are many things to do, and you will surely be amazed by its beauty full of landscapes. If you are planning to have a holiday in Turkey, include Bodrum in your itinerary.

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