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Everything That You Need To Become a Locksmith in Houston Texas

Houston Texas has a large and growing population and a strong immigrant community, so as you might expect there is a huge demand for locksmiths in The Lone Star State.

Locksmiths in Houston Texas are strictly regulated. All locksmiths in Texas are required to obtain a license from the Private Security Bureau (PSB) of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Regulatory Services Division.

There are two ways by which you can become a licensed locksmith in Houston Texas. You could join local locksmith trade associations such as Greater Houston Locksmiths Association, Texas Locksmiths Association, North Texas Locksmiths Association or Locksmiths Association of San Antonio.

This should be followed by an apprenticeship of two to three years under a certified locksmith. The locksmith company where you register as an apprentice will register you with the concerned State agency. After you pick up enough experience and skills as a locksmith, it’s time to put what you have learned to test – take the Qualified Managers exam carried out by the Private Security Board.  If you pass this exam, you can start your own locksmith business in Texas.

There is another way to get a locksmith license in Texas. Take a basic online locksmith course offered by the ALOA  or other recognized locksmith associations.

Join a technical school or college that offers a more detailed in-person locksmith program that runs for at least four months.

Next, join a licensed locksmith shop as a trainee. Work there for at least one year. The on-the-job training will teach you all the valuable skills you need to get started in this profession as a full-time professional.

Once you have gained enough work experience and learned all the skills expected from a Houston Texas locksmith, take the Qualified Managers of the Private Security Board. Pass the exam and you are on your way – go ahead and start a locksmith business of your own or work for a big locksmith firm as a certified locksmith technician.

Now, how hard is the Qualified Managers exam? Well, it’s not something you are going to be able to clear without putting in a serious amount of effort, let’s be clear on that!

You will be tested on your skills and knowledge of the laws that dictate the locksmith profession in Houston Texas, such as the Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 35 and the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1702.  You will also be tested on ethics, which is very important in this profession.

Following that, you will need to pass a detailed federal background check as mentioned earlier. Everything you state in your application, such as your education and work experience will be thoroughly vetted.

Generally, applicants that have a criminal background are discouraged from becoming locksmiths. However, the Private Security Board uses its discretion to overlook some of the less serious convictions.

You will be expected to get apply for a general liability insurance policy before getting started with your locksmith business. Once that is done, you are ready to be a professional locksmith in Houston Texas. Good luck!

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