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What is online marketing?

According to the definition of online marketing, marketing measures are implemented using the Internet. In the area of ??online marketing, therefore, all activities are connected with the content of the respective company web site and the customer acquisition and connection via the Internet. These include the online marketing definition, social media marketing, SEM and SEO (consulting), banner advertising, e-mail marketing and affiliate marketing.

The distribution of content via social media channels to strengthen one’s own brand and to get in direct contact with target groups, is called social media marketing. According to the definition, this also means the distribution of video content, which is often used for viral distribution.

What is SEM ?: According to the definition, search engine marketing comprises all measures that increase the visibility of your own pages in the search engines. One differentiates between SEA (search engine advertising) and seo wuerzburg marketing agentur.

What is SEO ?: According to online marketing definition, search engine optimization (SEO) serves to improve the position of a website in the search results without switching ads. So the SEO measures are aimed at getting high in the so-called ‘organic’ search results, only by optimizing on keywords and linking to other websites.

What is the definition of banner advertising? As the name implies, this is the ‘classic’ approach of online advertising, which should make the Internet user aware of their own product, company, etc. The definition includes, among other things, Advertising banners and pop-ups.

You ask yourself what the definition of email marketing is? In the case of e-mail marketing, advertisements are sent using the Internet. This works similarly, as with the offline dispatch of advertising, however in most cases is more cost-effective.

How does the work in affiliate marketing look like? By definition, affiliate marketing describes a kind of partnership in which a company offers its products and services through various affiliates (partners), for example in the form of links or banners. The remuneration of the partners is success-based and can – according to the definition – be carried out according to different models.

Find jobs in online marketing
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Plan your entry into online marketing
With the job exchange ABSOLVENTA you can not only go specifically to job search. We also want to provide you with helpful tips for the career as well. For example, A practical salary comparison calculator that tells you how the average salary in online marketing is or the salary in marketing in general. So you can be well informed and start with exact ideas in your first salary negotiation. In addition to the definition of individual job profiles, there are also sector-specific job applications and a career blog that informs you about the most important application trends.

We hope we could help you with the definition of online marketing and wish you a great start into the professional life!

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