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The side effects of the androgenic steroid Nandrolone Decanoate as a muscle builder

The great lack of Nandrolone Decanoate is probably the point with the “progesterone”. The effects of this are considerable losses of libido and the associated difficulties in the partnership. Which woman does not have problems with her, if her partner has no desire for sex? In addition, estrogens – especially estrone – affect the stability and thus aggravate the problem even more.

However, these problems usually occur only at doses starting at 400 mg per week. At the same time, this effect can also be corrected somewhat by substituting testosterone. No drive without testosterone! Nandrolone is a derivative of the testosterone – and similar in its structure – but the named proprietors can prevail in such a way that the love story becomes a pain for him.

Furthermore, a problem of the cardio-vascular system can arise. AAS – and there is no exception to Nandrolone – can promote heart growth. To what extent depends on a number of sex hormones added and on the genetic predisposition of the athlete. Nandrolone also leads to acne due to its androgenic effect on the sebaceous glands. This process is usually not as pronounced as with testosterone or DHT derivatives (Primobolan, Winstrol etc.) but not necessarily underestimate. Who is genetically preloaded will also have to fight here despite the low androgen potential. Medications such as minocycline, vitamin A acid, cortisone & Co. can however severely alleviate or completely eliminate the acne. Another negative effect is the psyche, which occurs just in the settling phase – the point with almost no self-production. This cannot be ruled out. One gets rid of oneself quickly in Depressed. Has then no desire to train and otherwise, the daily routine becomes Horror trip. Side effects of Nandrolone decanoate.

Furthermore, nandrolone has a major influence on the vesicle factors II, V, VII, and X. This results in Xa, IXa, Protein C and S & Co, which cannot coagulate properly. In addition, all androgens – as Nandrolone makes no exception – have a negative effect on the growth in length. The epiphyses (growth joints) ossify. It rapidly leads to bone maturation and the length growth is terminated. This is also the main reason for the teenagers to leave the fingers of exogenous hormones. Very high doses can lead to gynecomastia. I am sure that this developing gynecomastia, triggered by increased estrus metabolism, can get controlled by the use of receptor blockers such as Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate). Furthermore, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors (5aRIs) should be dispensed with during the administration of nandrolone. This has the reason that nandrolone itself is very low androgenic but its metabolite dihydro nandrolone (DHN) is still much less androgenic. Therefore, you should not pinch this conversion path, since skin, hair, and prostate will be heavier than necessary. One should, therefore, leave the fingers of dutasteride/finasteride.

Increasing the LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein as well as total cholesterol) is unusual for an only cure. It is precisely the gestagen as well as an estrogenic effect of Nandrolone that prevents this.

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