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Do you know what all lighting a diya or lamp imply?

No one likes to live in darkness as that brings in more negativity in life. Light is the symbol of knowledge and positivity and thus erases away darkness or ignorance. Since ancient times, light is also worshipped as a God because it is believed to be the carrier of all knowledge. Knowledge is the most important thing to achieve in life and most of the ancient people believed that, with lighting a lamp a day, one is bringing in more goodness of knowledge into the self.

Why light a diya? Know here as per spiritual thinking

Lighting a simple tube light or bulb is capable of producing better results in terms of visibility but lighting a diya or earthen lamp has some spiritual significance which if you can include in daily life would be a beneficial thing.

The oil or clarified butter used to light a diya is a symbol of all the desires or negative tendencies while the wick represents our ego. So, when you lit up the diya, it means that you have finally exhausted the negativity and the ego. See, how a flame of the diya behaves! It is always upward, never backward. This is the way you lead once you have knowledge within yourself. That’s one of the basic reasons why diya is still the most auspicious gift during Diwali. Nowadays, you can also buy diya as Diwali gift online and make your home an abode.

Why light a diya? Know here as per scientific studies

Science is saying that the light rays out of earthen diyas, is capable of producing a magnetic force and change the atmosphere of the room.

Now the changed air penetrates through the skin and cures your blood. These electromagnetic force that penetrates on the skin works for at least three hours and activates the blood cells and thus diseases are easier to evade away.

Science have treaded a long way of course but somewhere we have taken up science more seriously and forgot to nurture the ancient studies.

Which types of oil lamps should you use?

A diya is a thing that must be lit up every day, especially in the evening for its astounding effect of curbing away negative forces. Here are some of the material specific types of lamps or diyas that can be bought for regular use or as a unique Diwali gift.

Gold Lamp: This is extremely auspicious to use as it promotes the growth and development of health, and wealth.
Silver Lamp: It is said that if you want to get rid of poverty, you must lit up a silver diya and influence the Moon.
Brass Lamp: There is no such material impact of this type of diya but it is definitely reasonable to buy.

Clay Lamps: All our religious and devotional prayer sessions see large use of clay lamps mainly because it is cheaper and one needs more of this while decorating a religious gathering in temple or home.

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