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The Most Beautiful Gemstones in the World is Tanzanite

Whatever is rare is also fascinating. This is true especially if it is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world, Tanzanite. This beautiful violet gemstone is sought after not only for its beauty but also its rarity. Found nowhere else in the world but Tanzania, these gorgeous gemstones have in recent times gained much admiration from jewelry lovers across the world.


Known as the gemstone of the 20th Century and discovered only recently, tanzanites have become a favorite with jewelry connoisseurs. As the name suggests is Tanzanite originate from Tanzania which also earns them their name. Being a recent discovery, there is not much history associated with tanzanite. However, the Maasai tribes of Africa have some interesting tales about this magnificent gemstone.


Tanzanite, a ramification of the mineral zoisite, takes place in a huge range of shape, sizes, and colorations. Hardly ever natural blue, the gem nearly usually shows signature overtones of pink. In smaller sizes, it has a tendency closer to lighter tones, with lavender the most, not unusual. In large sizes, the gem normally shows deeper, richer blues and purples. It’s far this enthralling saturation of color that has made tanzanite so sought after. In 1998 and 1999, it became proclaimed the number one colored gemstone offered worldwide. Despite the fact that demand for this stunning gem maintains to grow, deliver shortages in recent years have hampered manufacturing and caused rate fluctuations.


A popular belief mentions lightning having struck the grounds in Tanzania which led to the pebbles and stones turning into violet-blue due to the magical fire radiating from the skies. Another story and a more practical one say a local Maasai tribesman found a violet crystal, a discovery he shared with Manuel D’Souza, a Goan tailor who also had a knowledge of gemstones. He, in turn, carried the crystal to Germany where, after a lot of testing and gem identification by experts from GIA, the British Museum and Harvard University, it was concluded that the origin of the gem was from the mineral zoisite. It was then added to the colorful family of gemstones. Tanzanite since then has come to be one of the most sought after gemstones.

The beauty and charm of tanzanite lie in their color, which is a lovely combination of violet and dark blue with a rich velvety touch. Clarity is another factor that gives tanzanite an edge over other stones, for tanzanite is mostly free of inclusions. Also, since tanzanite diamond rings are available in larger sizes and carat weights it adds to the stone’s beauty and looks. The color of tanzanite is acquired after the gemstone undergoes heat treatment. Being permanent in nature, heat treatment preserves the beauty of tanzanite for years.


True to its name tanzanite are exclusively mined in Tanzania. The deposits of these stones are found mainly in Merelani Hills near Arusha, in the northern part of Tanzania. Due to its presence in this region alone, these gemstones are considered rare. In fact, it can even be said that tanzanite are rarer than diamonds.


Tanzanite looks good in any form of jewelry, whether tanzanite rings, tanzanite earrings or tanzanite pendants, Petragems is the best place to buy diamond rings. Due to the rare and exclusive color of the gemstone tanzanite flatter any look and wardrobe. While simple tanzanite jewelry adds elegance today wear, more elaborate versions of tanzanite jewelry look great as evening accessories.


The stunning tanzanite is sought after like most other rare objects. This exclusive gemstone that has given a new element to the world of vibrant gemstones has also won the hearts of jewelry lovers the world over with its magnificence and grandeur.

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